Teen Skin Care: Proactive Skin Care Solutions For Teen Acne

When it comes to skincare, there is no skin type that faces more challenges than that of teens and young adults. Hormones on the inside of the body play a large part of how the skin appears on the outside. While there are many myths about acne prevention (i.e., chocolate causes acne), there are some tried-and-true methods that teens can use to prevent the most common kind of teen acne, acne vulgaris.

Understanding What Causes Teen Acne

There are several types of acne, but teen acne is generally comprised of whiteheads and blackheads. While different, both whiteheads and blackheads have similar beginnings. Acne can only develop in areas where the body can grow hair. Because the pores on the face often grow soft, almost invisible hairs, acne can develop on the face. The palms of the hands and feet however, do not grow hair, and as a result, acne can not develop in those areas of the body.

The pore that grows hair is home to the sebaceous gland, or commonly known as the oil gland. Each tiny pore has its own oil gland. Sometimes, that pore gets clogged with skin cells, dirt, makeup, and other minute particles, which starts the growth of acne. When the oil from the sebaceous gland comes to the surface of the skin, it is trapped by the particles clogging the pore. With no other place to go, the oil builds up within the pore, causing inflammation. As time goes on, this inflammation of the skin develops into a blackhead or whitehead.

Acne Skin Care Cleansers For Teen Skin

The first step in a proactive skin care routine is cleansing the skin daily. Teen skin tends to be oilier and can withstand using products that help to remove the excessive oils of the skin. Most acne skin care products use one of two acne treatment ingredients: benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. When buying teen skin care products, look to either of those ingredients to provide acne solutions.

Teen Skin Care Exfoliants For A Proactive Skin Care Routine

The second step to developing a teen skin care routine is to find a facial exfoliating product. Exfoliation is a key step to acne prevention because it helps keep the surface of the skin free from clogs and dead skin cells. Some exfoliants feature coarse ingredients that physically scrub away facial impurities. However, the best exfoliants utilize chemicals to dissolve skin cells. Even though chemical ingredients are used, the chemical skin care products, like Proactiv Skin Care Solution, tend to be gentler on the skin overall. Because they do not have abrasive granules, the already tender acne areas are less subject to tearing or bleeding.

Moisturizers That Work With Acne Treatments For Teen Skin

Contrary to what most people believe, even oily skin needs to use a moisturizer. The natural oils in skin provide a small amount of natural hydration, but sometimes skin needs more. A moisturizer provides additional hydration to the skin. When skin is properly hydrated, the body produces less oil. As a result, oily skin will produce less oil and decrease the chances of acne breakouts. The final step to a proactive skin care routine is using a moisturizer. The best moisturizers for teen skin care are products that are oil-free and help control shine, such as mark Matte Chance Mattifying Lotion.

Overall, it is important to remember to keep a proactive skin care routine simple and easy to follow. There are only three essential skin care steps: cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Adding acne treatment products may be necessary later on, but many teens can find solutions to their acne problems by sticking to the basic routine.