What are The Most Effective Ways to Kill Roaches?

Most Effective Ways to Kill Roaches

Roaches are the most common insects known as pests to humans. They will carry bacteria that can be dangerous to humans. Roaches are linked to allergies and asthma. They will carry microbes on their body surfaces that produce a protein and causes allergies and asthma. One of the best ways to rid you of roaches is to take preventive measures. Roaches like warm climates and sources of food.

It works as household roaches remedy can go a long way in not just ridding your home of these pests but also ensuring that they will not return. Here you can undertake the task of roaches control by using the simple but effective domestic methods that will kill cockroaches and it will not leave harmful traces behind.

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Most effective ways to kill roaches

1. Bay leaves

This is easily available in any grocery store and a common ingredient in kitchens is permanent roaches. These bay leaves are surprisingly effective. You can leave a bundle near sink holes and corners where roach nests are likely to be to fend off the pests.

2. Mint oil

You can spray mint oil directly at the pests and corners of your kitchen where roaches are likely to settle. They will not work as fast as some other home remedies but they are a natural and non-toxic way of keeping your home roaches over time.

3. Petroleum jelly trap

If you feel creative then line the rim of a jar with petroleum jelly and then leave it overnight with some food in it as a trap. The roaches will climb in for the food but it will be trapped in and unable to escape because of the petroleum.

4. Bleach

Bleach is one of the most common disinfectants that are used in the house. You can mix it with water and then pour it down sinks and toilets to keep your home clean and then free from roaches living in drain pipes and sinks. The bleach solution will drown away the troublesome roaches.

5. Lemon

Lemon will have natural anti-properties. You have to add lemon juice to the water and you can use to mop your floors and kitchen tops to keep germs away and repel roaches that will not stand the citric smell.

6. Cucumber

You can leave some cucumber slices or a peel overnight that around the kitchen counters and near sinks where roaches will be especially active. Cucumbers are excellent roach and are a non-toxic organic way of getting rid of these pests. You can use cucumber along with bay leaves to ward off roaches.

7. Coffee trap

You have to fill the bottom of a jar with ground coffee to lure in the roaches that are attracted to the smell of caffeine. Then you can fill the jar with water so that roaches drown in it when they try to climb into the jar. The water will clog their pores and that will make it impossible to breathe.