What to Consider When Buying a HEPA Vacuum?

A HEPA means that high-efficiency particulate air filtration vacuum cleaner. It is an important tool to minimize the effects of the allergens and other indoor air pollutants from the indoor. It will help to prevent the future health problems which arise due to indoor air pollutions. HEPA filtration is so desirable so that the term HEPA is used in the market in a wide variety, which leads to a way to choose a vacuum cleaner difficult.

The HEPA filtration specification consists of two numbers, which are designated a very high level of filtration of very fine particles too. The first number represents the filtration efficiency as a percentage and the second number represents the particle size retained. In a HEPA the filtration efficiency must be 99.97% and the particles must be retained as small as 0.3 micrometers.

There are many products with the specification HEPA, which lead us to buy them. When we want to buy a HEPA vacuum, before that we want aware of the misleading tactics present in the market.

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Misleading Tactic

The creative use of HEPA is rampant in the cleaning industry. And we have seen that “True HEPA” claims on a vacuum with no efficiency or particle sizes listed. The rest of the claims, they make in their advertising, will not come close to the true HEPA performance.

The true certified HEPA performance represents some design challenges to the manufacturers. Dealing with the increased level of airflow resistance and creating a sealed system of true HEPA filtration will maintain the outstanding cleaning performance.

This requires the companies to have very high standards of engineering design and manufacturing. So that the cost is more than the others.

The companies which use the HEPA specification fake are having one side benefit, which is quality oriented. That company produces very fine vacuum cleaners which deliver the outstanding cleaning performance. And these products are a pleasure to use.

HEPA filters are certified using a standard EN1822 crucial, which is important that the vacuum are extremely well sealed so that the air does not leak before the filter.

The manufacturer of HEPA offer a proof positive with no air leaks before the filter and that all air which goes into the unit is HEPA filtered before it leaves.

Some company manufactures play a fast and loose with the term HEPA, which make a claims such as “traps 100% of dust mites, ragweed and common grass pollens” with no mention of filtration efficiency. These products are fake. Some of the uneducated customers buy this product based on the information’s that are misleading at the best.

When we evaluate the vacuum cleaners which offer the advanced filtrations below the HEPA specification, we have to look once again for the specific efficiency and particle size ratings. And also the highly sealed housing, so that we can take an educated decision.